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Working with the Feng Shui Elements

The Feng Shui elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – are like the building blocks that make up our understanding of the world. Mastering the elements and their meanings gives you the fundamentals of using feng shui to your highest benefit.

The five elements make up everything we see around us, but according to feng shui, the most important thing is that they be in balance. If your elements are out of balance in your living space – or if the combination that they create is not in harmony with your own personality or life purpose – things will go less smoothly for you because you will be losing life energy unnecessarily.

The first element, wood, is the originator of all new life and growth. To incorporate this element into your feng shui interior, remember that live wood is best. So, while wood furniture is fine, a living plant with a woody stem or bamboo stalks kept alive in a vase are even better.

The second element, fire, is the most ‘yang’ – this means that it has the most concentrated energy of all five elements. It should be used sparingly and carefully, but it can also bring a lot of energy very quickly into an area that is lacking it.

Earth, naturally, has a grounding energy according to feng shui. Having this element around can keep things from getting out of hand – earth can bring peace and stability into your home and your world. Consider incorporating granite, clay, or terracotta decorating items into you feng shui interior.

Metal is similar to earth, but because it has the ability to become malleable and liquid, it is a less stable energy. Nevertheless, it is a great energy to invite into your home, and silver and gold are particularly powerful choices.

Finally, water is the most ‘yin’ element and is valued for its changeable, flowing nature. A balance between the more ‘yang’ elements, such as fire and earth, and the more ‘yin’ elements such as metal and water is necessary for a balanced life. From there, you can customize the exact balance you want to create. For instance, if you wish to bring more energy into a certain art of your life, introducing fire in the form or a candle may do the trick.

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