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Using the I Ching

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese text that combines poetry and prophesy. This beautifully written spiritually based work is often seen to give wise and credible advice on a variety of personal, modern-day issues.

In the 1960s, there was a renewed industry in the I Ching. People in the west discovered this ancient Chinese text, and used its wisdom as personal guidance. One way of using the I Ching is simply to concentrate on an issue or question, and then let the book fall open randomly. You can also let your finger travel down the page, and read the verse on which it seems to fall. Often, the verses in the I Ching will help shed some light on the issue that you are concentrating on.  

Many users of the I Ching report that this effect is quite magical – somehow, your eye or finger will fall on just the right verse. Of course, this is partly because the verses are all more of less universally applicable. They are so universal in their meaning that they will shed light on a variety of situations.

The I Ching has also been called an ‘oracle’ – a tool for prophecy, or telling the future. Many people use the text for Divination, in much the same way that it can be used to understand present situations. Nowadays, there are even I Ching prophecy and divination resources on the Internet, enabling people to consult this oracle even without having the text physically present. Some of these web sites are very cleverly designed, with unique tools for the random selection of verses and interpretation aids to help you understand what the text is saying and different ways in which it can be applied to your everyday life. Even people who don’t take this type of oracle seriously may still enjoy hearing what it has to say, and benefiting from the wisdom of ancient texts.

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