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Home Decor - Feng shui home decor is relaxing, uncluttered, uses natural elements, and pays attention to the distribution of objects and space within a room.

Bagua - The bagua is an eight-sided form often used in feng shui decoration – in some cases, there is a mirror in an eight-sided frame.

Wind Chimes - Wind chimes increase popularity and good luck, when they are made of the right materials and hung in the proper location.

Chinese Zodiac Signs - Chinese zodiac is a way of explaining the different energies that govern the world and human life and relationships.

Chinese Dragons - Chinese dragons is a very powerful good luck symbol, according to feng shui.

Chinese Paintings - for Decorating and More
Part of the feng shui interior involves decorating with traditional Chinese paintings which are often reproductions of famous works.

Feng Shui Tips - Some easy Feng Shui tips you can use to improve the energy flow in your home and, in turn, energize your whole life.



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